Your time is coming. You will be mine. No place for running. You can not hide. Bring the metal back to the core. Bring the hate that's what it's for. Wear your eyeliner just like a whore. Prance around across the floor. Time to clean up all this pollution. Time to clear up all the confusion. Your day is coming. It won't be long. You hear it now. Listen to the song.
lyrics  “Metal to the Core”

KREEP is a HARDCORE METAL band that features face peeling obnoxious vocals, heavy hitting drums, huge guitar riffs, and brutal bass lines that force you to punch the person next to you.

..KREEP has shared the stage with numerous National acts ranging from Five Finger Death Punch, Skid Row,Papa Roach, Hoobastank, Hollywood Undead, Prong, Divne Heresy, Green Jello, and many, many more....