KREEP has shared the stage with numerous National acts ranging from  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, SKID ROW, Papa ROACH, STEEL PANTHER, ANVIL, HOOBASTANK, HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD, PRONG, GREEN JELLO, and many, many more....Recently sponsored by JAGERMEISTER, KREEP has played to sold out crowds at The Joint in the legendary Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas NV for Xtreme radio’s annual Holiday Havoc concert and has just released the new video for 'DUMPSTER BABY' off of their new CD 'ONE NATION UNDER' coming at the end of the year also check out the video BLOODLETTING starring METAL SANAZ..

With an in your face serving of repeated knock-outs to your skull, consider the Florida -based band KREEP as the fist that assaults all of your senses one lyric at a time.'Your time is coming. You will be mine. No place for running. You can not hide. Bring the metal back tothe core. Bring the hate that's what it's for. Wear your eyeliner just like a whore. Prance around across the floor. Time to clean up all this pollution. Time to clear up all the confusion. Your day is coming. Itwon't be long. You hear it now. Listen to the song. Those lyrics are from the song “Metal to the Core”, and their lead vocalist and founder, Brett Pirozzi, Former Member of BILE ( MORTAL COMBAT Sound Track over 2 million sold) and Featured in (DEE SNIDER'S Movie and Sound Track STRANGELAND ) who will make sure your conscience will never be the same again. Some may hear their music and find the words offensive, raw and heartless. And, at brief glance, the band may very well be dismissed as “just another metal band”...but dig a little deeper into the dark recesses of their minds, and you will find KREEP has a way of ripping their own heart's out and putting it on display to show the world what metal is really made of . Listen to their songs to find out what makes this band tick. Get ready to push the pedal to the metal hardcore with the band KREEP.

KREEP is a HARDCORE METAL band that features face peeling obnoxious vocals, heavy hitting drums, huge guitar riffs, and brutal bass lines that force you to punch the person next to you...KREEP originated with irate vocalist Brett Pirozzi putting together a band that would stand out in the world of metal.
Brett’s New York roots and the garbage he was hearing on the radio propelled him to want to write songs that expressed his anger with the world and music of today. Brett began to write songs that were about things happening in life and in the process realized that these issues affected a lot of people in society today. That’s the heart of KREEP: angry guys making angry music for an audience of angry people...

​Band InterestsDestroying everything in our path!! Wiping out all this Boy Band Metal!!

KREEP has recently featured the explosive and heavy hitting, IVAN de PRUME who plays on the LEAD US NOT CD. Ivan is best known for his playing with WHITE ZOMBIE and is a Multi-platinum selling, Grammy nominated artist. Ivan now lives in Oregon but parted ways cause of distance.

Band Members 

Brett Pirozzi  - Vox
Chants Boudreaux - Drums 
Carmine D' Amico - Gtr
Alan Vine - Bass

 Review on 'Pain Goes On'

“The beat to this song presents a ghostly, scary feeling to the song. Then the quotes in the song also do. I thought this was going to be another gangster rap song. Then the guitar came in and melted my face off. I was pleasantly surprised by that, and thought the surprises were over. Then the vocalist came in with a gritty, raspy screaming voice that I have never heard before. I am a big fan of the genre, and can not say this voice, or style, is like any other I have heard. The music is excellent, and the singer compliments the music so well. This song is heavy, and makes you want to move. The guitar solos are superb, and echo through your head long after each note is played. The band sounds really tight, and well practiced. I can imagine this band has been playing together for a long time, because each piece of the band compliments another. When the song is over I am sad because I want more. I am fan of this band after one song. That should say a lot. This band has a big potential to rocket themselves to the top artists of their genre. This song is a perfect 10 score to me! I absolutely love it!